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What is Free Masonry? 

On the outside, Free Masonry is a very honorable organization, made up of mostly influential and respected people (men only) like lawyers, politicians, doctors, journalists, etc. A lot of charity work is sponsored by them (*1), and public events like speeches by famous politicians or authors are held. Free Masonry is organized in so called “lodges” of different traditions throughout the world. The membership is secretive, and there are lodges in almost all nations of the earth. In fact, there have been lodges in communist countries throughout the Cold War, they still do exist in China today and independent from the political system in nations, you will most likely find lodges at least in the capitol. 
What is so staggering about this, is the fact that the lodges are organized internationally, and that there is a very strong hierarchy within the organization. This way, plans can be pursued internationally, independent from party lines or political systems. At their initiation the new member swears total allegiance to his leader, and the oaths taken are getting more and more horrific the higher the mason rises in the organization. There is a total of 33 degrees in Free Masonry, the 33rd degree being the highest. Initiation rites include the calling upon ancient Egyptian Gods like Isis, Osiris and Ra, the blindfolding of the initiated person, his being laid into a coffin and called out to new life under calling on of ancient spirits to bring enlightenment, and oaths that state that the person is willing to have his throat split and his body being torn into pieces while being alive if he should violate any part of his oath. In one degree, the initiated person agrees that he forgets everything he has learned about right and wrong and that from there on he will believe and trust his leader entirely, whatsoever.
While it seems awkward that highly educated people should submit themselves to rituals like that, the amount of power and prestige that come with a higher degree seem to be motivation enough. Famous Free Masons are plentiful in politics as well as the Arts. Just to name a few: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Washington and all governors of the 13 founding states of the United States, as well as one of the last presidential candidates, Bob Dole (a 33rd degree mason).

The nature of deception

And this is where it gets really scary, because many Christians are deceived into thinking that these men are godly people, who want to serve mankind and honor God. Well, it is the very nature of deception that it is hard to recognize! Jesus had his reason to warn his disciples most of all from being deceived (Mt 24:4). He never warned of persecution, rather simply said that everyone who would follow him would be persecuted. But deception was and still is the biggest danger for the true church. I am convinced that the foundations of the nation, that so many Christians in the U.S. want to get “back” to, are rotten and anti-god to the core. Just think about that the nation was established in rebellion against authority (of the king of England), and with independence and the “pursuit of happiness” as highest value! Barely godly characteristics (*2)! 

The role of Religion in Free Masonry 

Any faith is accepted by Free Masonry. A member can be a Buddhist, a Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant or whatever. The only condition is that he has to believe in something that Masonry calls “The Great Architect of the Universe” - a higher power of some kind. Whether the member calls that power Allah, Vishnu, Manitou, Karma or “God” doesn't matter. So it doesn't surprise that the founding fathers chose the motto “In God We Trust” for the United States of America, and that it is still found on every coin and bill in the country. Because “God” can be anything the person who uses the term wants it to be. In fact, in some Christian mainstream denominations like the Methodists and the Presbyterian Church, you can find Free Masons being elders or holding other leadership positions. 

The goal of Free Masonry

The declared goal of Free Masonry is to establish a New World Order, with a one-world government. Something that is shaping right before our eyes, with tools like the United Nations and other organizations that establish the same guiding principles in all parts of society (e.g. the UNESCO, who sanctions curriculums for schools world wide). There are good reasons like prosperity and peace being given for promoting the New World Order. To me it is almost funny (but rather it is highly alarming), that so few people are aware that e.g. the U.S. One-Dollar bill has the all seeing eye of the Free Masons on it and that the Masonic goal of the New World Order is also openly stated as well: Novus Ordo Seclorum = New World Order! How more obvious could it get?Thus, I don't think it is too far fetched to say that Free Masonry's ultimate goal is to take all glory away from God and to give it to man, in particular one man, the Antichrist! 

The relationship between Free Masonry and the Catholic Church

I am convinced that both Free Masonry and the Catholic Church are playing the main roles in the unfolding of the end time. While the Catholic Church is the woman that rides the beast in Revelation 17 (see David Hunt's book and video “A Woman Rides The Beast”), Free Masonry actively prepares the way for the Antichrist. You can compare it to the body of Christ (the church), which is already on the earth, while the head (Christ) will come to rule someday; similarly, the body of Antichrist (now organized in Free Masonry) has been preparing for his arrival for many centuries. The structures are all laid, and when Satan will bodily descend on the earth as prophesied by scripture, he will simply take over the top of an organization that has been silently and secretly planned and labored for him to rule and to destroy the church. 

The Catholic Church has indeed been the ruler (the ‘rider' of Rev. 17) of the nations for many centuries. The Catholic Church's role right now, in the eyes of Free Masonry, is to unite all faiths in the worship of a superior power. That process is currently happening, as you can read even on the official website of the Vatican (the headquarters of the Catholic Church). Several documents are presented there, in which e.g. Hinduism is embraced pretty much as a valid way to pursue God. What all the different religions have in common is that they worship something bigger than what the eye can see, a supernatural deity or a higher power of some kind. Just like it is required from Free Masons to believe in. The last step in the plan is to proclaim the Antichrist, a man, to be not only the ultimate representative of this ‘higher power', but him to be this higher power himself. Revelation 18 prophesies that ‘Babylon the great' will fall. I believe that this refers to the Catholic Church, but I am not sure whether her downfall/destruction will coincide with the Antichrist taking power (Rev 17:17), or whether it will already come some time before. But I know that even though the Antichrist and his movement currently still benefit from the existence of the Catholic Church, they (and the rest of mankind) will ultimately be relieved to see it destroyed (Rev 18). Indeed, the relationship between the Vatican and Free Masonry is a very interesting one. Throughout many centuries, it was not possible for Catholics to be a member of a Masonic Lodge. That was changed in the 20th century, and now even some Cardinals are Free Masons. The Bible prophecies clearly, that Satan will receive all worship from the inhabitants of the earth (Rev 13:8). And what the Bible says will happen, will surely become reality. Because eventually it is God's plan that will come to pass:

“For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God's words are fulfilled.” Revelation 17:17 


As I ran into these things during my studies for an M.A. in Political Science in Germany, I researched secular (“neutral”), Christian, as well as Masonic sources. I was amazed by what I found, as I was used to study about what groups hold power in societies, including the lobbying of parts of society like multinational corporations, labor unions, rich individuals, parties, the media, etc. But what I found about the Free Masons blew all of this out of proportion, because in this organization there are people from all the before mentioned sections of society, only that they are here working together for the same goal! No matter whether they appear to be in the most serious conflict on the outside (all the way to wars)!

However, one of the most amazing things that the Lord revealed to me once I was aware of the existence and the scale of the plans of the Free Masons, was when I read Revelation 17:17 “For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish His purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God's words are fulfilled.” So, after all, all the planning and even the success of the plans of the Free Masons are eventually the thoughts of God, which he uses to accomplish His purposes for the earth and for His glory!
Also, when I saw that the Antichrist himself bares the same title as Judas Iscariot, it dawned to me how the Lord wants us to deal with it all. Both Judas and the Antichrist are called the man “doomed to destruction”, a title that is not used for anybody else but these two (John 17:12 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3 respectively). We know how the Lord related to Judas, knowing very well from the beginning that Judas would betray him. Jesus shared his life with him, loved him, was his friend!
So, what should we do? Yes, I believe I should warn people from the deception that Free Masonry is, and also the false doctrines of the Catholic Church need to be revealed. But after all, it is not people who are the enemy, and nobody is beyond redemption. Some 33rd degree masons have found the Savior and now love and serve Him!
If you have relatives who are in Free Masonry, start praying for them, because the bonds that they have tied with the evil one are strong and deep. Most of all, break those bondages over your own life, as you have authority to do so in the name of Jesus. It would be good if you asked an experienced Christian who knows about Free Masonry to help you to get free yourself from curses that are in your family because your father or grand father (to the 3rd and 4th generation!) is or was involved in Free Masonry. Then you can start praying that those who are still in it will get a true revelation of the Lord Jesus, and that He died for their sins. Some Masons are worried and scared about the oaths they have taken, but Jesus is stronger than any of the powers behind that and can set them free! 

*1 According to my knowledge, the Rotary Club and the Lion's Club are not in themselves Masonic organizations, but they serve as entry point, where Free Masons get to know people and can ‘recruit' new Masons
*2 Unless “the pursuit of happiness” is understood in a way like John Piper explains it in his book “Desiring God” by Multnomah Publishers, 1986/1996
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