Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's October 31st - Reformation Day!

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498 years ago on this day, Martin Luther nailed a paper with 95 theses to a door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany, and thus started what became known as the Reformation. In Luther's day, only real witches and sorcerers thought about "Halloween," because it was (and still is!) the most important day in the lives of all those who knowingly worship Satan. Nowadays, hardly anybody thinks of the events that were so crucial for the forming of protestant churches as we have them today in every country on the planet, while millions even here in Thailand are "celebrating" Halloween. It indeed looks as if darkness has increased. The light of the gospel, that once shined so brightly in Germany has been dimmed by dark forces, and voices that proclaimed eternal truths as clearly as Martin Luther once did, have been widely silenced by political correctness and a spirit of tolerance that tolerates everything except the truths contained in the Scriptures. To bring the gospel back into the country from which it used to go out to all corners of the globe (e.g. through the Moravians), I have started to make plans for a project that I named "Back to Wittenberg." Its goal is to mobilize at least 100 teams from around the world, who would sojourn to Germany in 2017 to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In cooperation with local churches, the teams would preach the gospel on the streets, markets and public squares as well as in schools, churches and other venues all over the country. 
It is time for another Reformation, a Great Awakening in Germany! Please pray for the leadership of YWAM Germany as they will discuss my project proposal next week. Thank you!

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