Monday, June 13, 2022

Abuse in the Catholic church

Germany: Study uncovers widespread sexual abuse in Münster diocese

A university study found at least 610 underage victims were abused by clergy in the western German diocese. With many cases going unreported, researchers estimate the actual number of victims could be 10 times as high. READ MORE 

Praying for priests, kids and adult members of the Roman Catholic Church again today.

My heart breaks about news like this, because I know how easy it is to be tempted and to fall in this area. I know the father-heart of God for the victims, as well as the mercy that´s available for those who fell. But I also know that there will be severest judgment for all who do not repent and those who cover up these atrocities.

As for the Catholic Church as a whole, each case like this is another step towards its certain, prophesied complete destruction through the very God whom it claims to represent. Within one hour it will be destroyed, so if you are still in it: come out of her, or you will partake in her destruction!

If you have been abused yourself, I pray that you will find grace to forgive; if you have failed, repent and seek forgiveness from God – He wants you to turn to Jesus, not to a “church” whose leaders do not know him!