Friday, December 11, 2020

Be assured: The LORD is God!


I think we are about to see that God does not need judges, Supreme Courts and presidents to "save Christianity". He is not only a god, like Gideon's father may have hoped Baal to be, but the LORD is God and he can defend himself when someone tries to break down his altar!
God is not impressed with laws and locations of diplomatic missions. Faith, hope and love are the things that move him, and they mark those whom he has moved. Yes, it will become more uncomfortable to be a Christian even in the U.S., as in other Western, nominally Christian nations. But when opposition increases, it will seperate the ones who truly want to serve the King from all of those who just want to have their best lives now. Are we ready to love like Christ did? He called Judas his friend unto the last minute, even though he knew that he would betray him, When Christ returns, will he find such a love in his church? Will he find it in you and me? Rather than shouting alloud on the street corners (a.k.a. "social media"), we should repent in sack and ashes and ask for his fire to re-ignite his love in our hearts. Let us all use this unusual, once-in-a-lifetime Christmas season to beseech him for that!